Hydraulic Graco Ram one mould, Manually operated

Manually operated hydraulic press
Compact the adobe with hydraulic equipment  but their functions such as filling the mold with the charger and the opening of the cover is manually.
The control of the hydraulic equipment is done through a manual valve 

The soil-cement technology that is used for the manufacture of bricks was developed in Colombia during the 50s of last century to be used by people with minimal schooling (reading and writing), no advanced knowledge is required.

Changing the inserts in the mold of the press, the bricks can be manufactured as shown on the right.


The inserts can be purchased individually, which makes, most economic the press machine


See Types of Blocks and their use.


The Lego bricks have bumps and holes on its faces for easy installation, avoiding the use of mortar for their union, only the application of a slurry of lime with cement or a industrial adhesive as used for  Wood, the walls allow a building strong.


See: Interlocking construction system


With the material ready, you can make one brick by pressed every 15 seconds.


The standard measures of adobes are 30x15x10cm.
Other common measures of adobes are 40x20x10cm.

With suitable materials and proper stabilization you can get resistances  between 200 and 600 psi (1.4 to 4.2 MPa)

You can buy  the machine with electric motor 4 HP 220 Volt single or three phase with gasoline or diesel engine for mobile plants.

We can also manufacture a trailer to transport the hydraulic press or the hammer mill and the mixer at the same time.

We can send this and all our machines to anywhere in the world, ask for a shipping quote.
The weight of the machine for shipment is between 250 and 300 kg depending on the inserts that you choice.


Economize building with Lego bricks:

· 90% Saving in cement

· 60% Savings in construction time.

· 50% Savings in labor.

· Total savings over 45%



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